"The real trick to life is not to be in the know, but to be in the mystery."
-Fred Alan Wolf

24 March 2016

Happy birthday, Morris.

Morris, Red House doorway, 1860

William Morris was born on this day in 1834.

Fair was the morn to-day, the blossom's scent
Floated across the fresh grass, and the bees
With low vexed song from rose to lily went,
A gentle wind was in the heavy trees,
And thine eyes shone with joyous memories;
Fair was the early morn, and fair wert thou,
And I was happy—Ah, be happy now!
   Peace and content without us, love within
That hour there was, now thunder and wild rain,
Have wrapped the cowering world, and foolish sin,
And nameless pride, have made us wise in vain;
Ah, love! although the morn shall come again,
And on new rose-buds the new sun shall smile,
Can we regain what we have lost meanwhile?

   E’en now the west grows clear of storm and threat,
But midst the lightning did the fair sun die—
—Ah he shall rise again for ages yet,
He cannot waste his life—but thou and I—
Who knows if next morn this felicity
My lips may feel, or if thou still shalt live
This seal of love renewed once more to give?

William Morris, from "July" in The Earthly Paradise

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