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27 May 2024


Caravaggio, Ecce Homo, 1609

Newly verified Caravaggio goes on display today in Madrid ...
Ecce Homo, which shows Roman governor Pontius Pilate presenting Christ to the people, is one of only about 60 known works by the Italian master - but it nearly escaped the attention of the wider art world, having initially been attributed to a lesser artist.

It was withdrawn from sale on the orders of the Spanish government in 2021, hours before it was due to be sold at auction for an opening price of €1,500 (£1,280).

Now, three years after that decisive intervention, the work is being exhibited for the first time since its true status was confirmed.

Earlier this month, the Prado said the painting was "without a doubt, a Caravaggio masterpiece", calling it "one of the greatest discoveries in the history of art".

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