"I am not one who was born in the custody of wisdom. I am one who is fond of olden times and intense in quest of the sacred knowing of the ancients." Gustave Courbet

30 April 2016


Chinnery, Untitled, Undated

And every day these twinges of pain in my heart, that muscle
Draining me downward like the ‘flow of atoms’ into cool organic
The quicksand,
Downward in this strange new fluidity, this impersonal dissolution,
Drawn by an energy somehow inside me and yet not mine—
How stunning the methodical magnitudes of force!—
Make me wonder, somewhat abstractedly, about the pulverization
         of the soul,
About vast windy wastes of crumbled joys and drifting knowledge,
         about what becomes
Of all the disjuncted dregs of consciousness:

This song is a wave forever rolling among
         the stars.

Hayden Carruth

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