"Voyaging through strange seas of thought, alone ..." William Wordsworth

14 December 2012


Watcher of the skies.  Wondering at the Geminids makes me feel pleasantly small.

Just Think!
Just think! some night the stars will gleam
   Upon a cold, grey stone,
And trace a name with silver beam,
   And lo! ’twill be your own.

That night is speeding on to greet
   Your epitaphic rhyme.
You life is but a little beat
   Within the heart of Time.

A little gain, a little pain,
   A laugh, lest you may moan;
A little blame, a little fame,
   A star-gleam on a stone.
- Robert Service

Mozart, Exultate Jubilate, "Alleluia"

Julia Lazhneva, performs ...

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