"Voyaging through strange seas of thought, alone ..." William Wordsworth

04 December 2012


The stuff that happens on the way to errands.  What we do with the time in between everything else.  The stolen moment to read another chapter, the pleasantries exchanged in line at the grocery.  One song in the car.  Coffee hour after church.  Thoughts while waiting.  Shower ideas.  Conversation over a beer.  The walk to pick up the paper.

All the difference.

Ingredients of the stock of life at Cultural Offering.

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Kurt Harden said...

There is a story called "Our Life With Food" It spans chili-mac and chicken pot pies, steaks outside of the high street apartment, grilled meals together, the spaghetti sauce, an evening in the back of the cheese shop and countless beers. All part of the stock of life.