"Voyaging through strange seas of thought, alone ..." William Wordsworth

21 June 2011


Nature or, that which I see, inspires me, puts me, as with any painter, in an emotional state so that an urge comes about to make something, but I want to come as close as possible to the truth and abstract everything from that, until I reach the foundation, still just an external foundation, of things. It is possible that, through horizontal and vertical lines constructed with awareness, but not with calculation, led by high intuition, and brought to harmony and rhythm, these basic forms of beauty, supplemented if necessary by other direct lines or curves, can become a work of art, as strong as it is true. To approach the spiritual in art, one will make as little use as possible of reality, because reality is opposed to the spiritual.
- Piet Mondrian

Mondrian, Avond, Red Tree, 1908

Mondrian. Grey Tree, 1911

Mondrian, Trees, 1912

Mondrian, Composition with Light Yellow, 1913

Mondrian, Composition with Gray and Light Brown, 1918

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