"The real trick to life is not to be in the know, but to be in the mystery."
-Fred Alan Wolf

15 April 2017


Harris, Sketch near Lake Superior, nd


Awake my friend! the morning's fine,
Waste not in sleep the day divine,
Nature is clad in the best array,
The woods, the fields, the flowers are gay; --
The sun is up, and speech his march,
O'er heaven's high aerial arch,
His golden beams with lustre fall,
On lake a river, cot and hall; --
The dews are sparkling on each spray,
The birds are chirping sweet and gay,
The violet shows its beautious head,
Within its narrow, figured bed; --
The air is pure, the earth bedight,
With trees and flowers, life and light,
All -- all inspires a joyful gleam,
More pleasing than a fairy dream.
Awake! the sweet refreshing scene,
Invites us forth to tread the green,
With joyful hearts, and pious lays,
To join the glorious Maker's praise,
The wond'rous works -- the paschal lamb,
The holy, high, and just I Am.

Rosa (Jane Johnston Schoolcraft)

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