"Voyaging through strange seas of thought, alone ..." William Wordsworth

18 April 2017


Paygnard, Le Balayeur, 1976


Squat in swamp shadows.
mosquitoes sting;
high light in cedar above.
Crouched in a dry vain frame
-- thirst for cold snow
-- green slime of bone marrow
Seawater fills each eye
Quivering in nerve and muscle
Hung in the pelvic cradle
Bones propped against roots
A blind flicker of nerve
Still hand moves out alone
Flowering and leafing
turning to quartz
Streaked rock congestion of karma
The long body of the swamp.
A mud-streaked thigh.
Dying carp biting air
in the damp grass,
River recedes. No matter.

Limp fish sleep in the weeds
The sun dries me as I dance

Gary Snyder

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