"The real trick to life is not to be in the know, but to be in the mystery."
-Fred Alan Wolf

15 August 2010

"Look closely."

We had a wonder-filled day yesterday.

A great breakfast with serious conversation about brothers and sisters not being together in the same classroom for the first time.

Tennis ... having fun and getting better!

Sissy read Through Georgia's Eyes where we learned a great lesson ... "Look closely."

No need to hurry.
Lean in ... look closer.
Closer still.
There ... the wideness
and wonder of the world.

Rock hunting ... "Is that a fossil?"

Then, on to the museum!

We saw some incredible work at the Fur, Fins & Feathers exhibition, but the big hit was the sculpture garden ...

Zuzu's favorite ...

And Zoe also discovered a new favorite song. We ran the needle through this one ...

Life, Love & Laughter
Don't look back,
It won't do any good
Don't look ahead
You'll just be misunderstood
Everything you need
Could be right in front of you
It doesn't take much
To see what is true

They say we are going to die
If we go on like this
Who do you believe?
Every story has a twist
Take a look around,
Tell me what you see
People in the world
Just trying to be free

What about all those things
You could have done
But you don't?
They say things happen
For a reason,
You don't do them, they won't

I'm lookin for life,
Love and laughter
Everything in between
And what happens after
I'm lookin for life,
Lookin for love,
Lookin for laughter ...

A great day.

Get well Drew!

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