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-Fred Alan Wolf

10 August 2010

Mozart, Symphony no. 41 "Jupiter"

On this date Mozart completed his last symphony ... number 41, "Jupiter."

This work is thought to be a remarkable culmination of symphonic composition up to this point in 1788. In the last movement Mozart uses a technique called counterpoint, the intertwining of two or more melodies at once. He weaves five within the molto allegro section.

Mozart in a burst of superhuman creativity composed Symphonies Nos. 39-41 in the summer of 1788. He completed No.39 on June 26, No.40 on July 25, and (gasp) No.41 is dated August 10.

Flying Inkpot describes the piece in detail here.

1. Allegro vivace

2. Andante cantibale (my favorite)

3. Minuetto. Allegretto.

4. Molto allegro

Great summer music. Listen to it outdoors ... crickets and "firefliers" provide a wonderful accompaniment.

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