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-Fred Alan Wolf

22 December 2009

Terry Sawchuk

Last night Martin Brodeur broke the 40-year old National Hockey League record for shutouts by stoning the Penguins 4-0, his 104th career shutout. The record had previously been held by former Red Wing, Terry Sawchuk. Number 1 in the Winged Whhel sweater played before the advent of the goalie mask.

From the Detroit Free Press ...
"A natural in goal, Sawchuk was just 14 when he got his first workout with the Red Wings in 1944. He developed his famous stance, the Sawchuk Crouch, when he found he was quicker when he bent forward so deeply that his chin almost touched his knees.

Though he was plagued with injuries throughout his career, when the game was on the line, Sawchuk always seemed to come through in heroic fashion with incredible acrobatic saves.

He died in 1970 at age 40 from injuries suffered in a backyard brawl with a New York Rangers teammate, Ron Stewart."

Brodeur and Sawchuk by the numbers here.

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