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09 October 2021

Jethro Tull: The Acres Wild Songbook (20th Anniversary Collection)

  1. "Good Morning Weathercock" from Heavy Horses
  2. "Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day" from War Child
  3. "Songs from the Wood" from Songs from the Wood
  4. "Acres Wild" from Heavy Horses
  5. "Rover" from Heavy Horses
  6. "The Whistler" from Heavy Horses
  7. "Journeyman" from Heavy Horses
  8. "Heavy Horses" from Heavy Horses
  9. "One Brown Mouse" from Heavy Horses
  10. "One White Duck" from Minstrel in the Gallery
  11. "Salamander" from Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young to Die!
  12. "Beggar's Farm" from This Was
  13. "Fat Man" from Stand Up
  14. "Cup of Wonder" from Songs from the Wood
  15. "Moths" from Heavy Horses
  16. "Jack-in-the Green" from Songs from the Wood
  17. "Rover" from Heavy Horses
  18. "Beltane" from Songs from the Wood
  19. "Velvet Green" from Songs from the Wood
  20. "Pan Dance" from Minstrel in the Gallery
  21. "Cold Wind to Valhalla" from Minstrel in the Gallery
  22. "Flying Dutchman" from Stormwatch
  23. "Dun Ringill" from Stormwatch
  24. "Dark Ages" from Stormwatch
  25. "No Lullabye" from Heavy Horses
  26. "The Witch's Promise" from Benefit
  27. "Old Ghosts" from Stormwatch
  28. "Orion" from Stormwatch
  29. "Home" from Stormwatch
  30. "Fire at Midnight" from Songs from the Wood
  31. "Cheerio" from Broadsword and the Beast

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