"The real trick to life is not to be in the know, but to be in the mystery."
-Fred Alan Wolf

31 January 2018


President Trump recognizes Staff Sergeant Justin Peck, an Army Medic, who responded to the critical injury of Chief Petty Officer Kenton Stacy.
“Staff Sergeant Justin Peck has served in the United States Army for eight years. In November 2017, he was part of a team, along with Chief Petty Officer Kenton Stacy, that was conducting a multi-day mission with partner forces in Raqqa, Syria to clear IEDs from territory previously controlled by ISIS. After the team had located and disarmed seven IEDs, Chief Petty Officer Stacy was clearing the second floor of a hospital building when he was struck by an IED blast and severely wounded. Without hesitation, Staff Sergeant Peck, who was holding a position outside the building, rushed to Stacy’s location on the uncleared, IED-ridden second floor. Staff Sergeant Peck’s actions – including applying a tourniquet, placing an endotracheal tube, and performing artificial respirations and CPR – were directly responsible for saving Chief Petty Officer Stacy’s life.”

Thank you, Kurt. We are indeed blessed to be protected by The Best of The Best.

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