"The real trick to life is not to be in the know, but to be in the mystery."
-Fred Alan Wolf

01 December 2011


I can honestly say I have not enjoyed a plane flight more that I did to and from Jacksonville the past two days than perhaps my first ride on an airplane. It is amazing to look at the vastness of this country, the cloud formations, the cities, the rivers, the landscape. I looked out the windows and wondered how we stayed in the air. I watched our take-off and our approach and our landing. And I took pictures for Henry. . .and me. I thought about what it is like to fly.

I remember years ago going to pick up my 93-year-old grandfather at the assisted living home. I would take him for drives. We would go to the grocery or just cruise around the city. He would walk out of his room and steady himself by keeping one hand on the wood railing as we moved down the hall. I remember him chuckling, almost to himself, and then commenting in his Scottish brogue on how nice and smooth the wood had been sanded. As we drove the car down the road he would lift both arms out in front of him and mimic the twists and turns the car took, explaining to me how wonderful it was that the road was so smooth for the cars. If a bird whistled from a tree, he would whistle back at it and laugh. He was like a little kid but he made me notice things I had stopped noticing. He made me look around and wonder.

Henry did the same thing with his simple question.

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