"The real trick to life is not to be in the know, but to be in the mystery."
-Fred Alan Wolf

09 June 2016


The edge of uncertainty ... my life has been a bit like that. I've always chosen that edge. It sounds dangerous, but it has more to do with risk, with doing new things, with starting again constantly, with not being comfortable. I think that the worst enemies we have in life are routine and fear. They are the two things that paralyze us.

When you're afraid and when you're in routine too, it's so sad. My mission nowadays is more about trying to push people outside, making them dream that there's a better life. That you can work and go to the office, but you have to be outside a bit.

My father used to give us money to pay the school to bus in to school but not out. We got to school. We spent the day at school. The way back we had to walk or hitchhike. I remember hours and hours walking with my dogs in the fields after school everyday. That saved my life because every time I'm hurt, every time I see adversity in my life, I remember that. It's just a clean thing. It's the best medicine.  Kids, until they're 7, they should spend half of the day in the wild. It's the best school. I hate schools. My children, I see them go to school, I'm so unhappy. I don't like schools. They indoctrinate. They take the dreams away of children.  

Francis Mallmann

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