"The real trick to life is not to be in the know, but to be in the mystery."
-Fred Alan Wolf

17 May 2016


AMY GOODMAN: Why did you find comfort in grizzlies, coming back from Vietnam?

DOUG PEACOCK: Mainly because they got you out of your own mind. You know, if you put on a Kelty pack and you hike in Colorado or California, you’re top dog. You know, you walk down a trail, you think about your girlfriend or your portfolio or I don’t know what. In grizzly country, you can’t do that, because there’s something out there that, if it chose, could kill and eat you at anytime it wanted to. And just having to take that into stock, you know, totally and fundamentally just changes the ambiance of a place. 

All of a sudden, you’re not top dog. And you look a little more closely. You walk like an animal. You scent the wind. You listen to the brush. And it really accelerates your inner — much more ancient finished system than our modern industrial culture provides. I mean, getting back into the wilderness like that, having a grizzly bear in there, just within three or four days, something happens to me. You know, I’m really like another animal almost. And it’s a wonderful thing, because everything is externalized, and, you know, you live immediately in the present. 


Thank You, Jessica.

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