"The real trick to life is not to be in the know, but to be in the mystery."
-Fred Alan Wolf

08 September 2011


Chatham, Nightfall in September, 1997

Chatham believes that as soulful creatures, people cannot fundamentally change what is inside them from the time they are children until reaching the ends of their lives. Rather, the struggle of honest introspection, learning more about our strengths and frailties, allows us to expand and flourish in ways we never see as young people, when ego wears the illusionary mask of immortality.

“I have come to believe that all great art no matter which of the forms it takes is fundamentally spiritual. Not biblically or scripturally so, but in ephemeral ways impossible to explain. Much of this has to do with the belief there is an enormous unseen force in the universe which can neither be understood nor explained, not by science, and not by the great religions," he has observed.

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Dark Water

In the midnight Arctic Seas,
stained tropical rivers at dawn,
the Gulf Stream at noon,
where thin shafts of light
chisel down into blue black;
a small creek in the evening shade
beneath willows and sycamores;
in northern rivers,
where slamon lie
in deep viridian hollows.
It is always the dark water
which promises the most.

- Russell Chatham

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