"The real trick to life is not to be in the know, but to be in the mystery."
-Fred Alan Wolf

10 April 2011


Stieglitz, Georgia O'Keeffe, 1919

Georgia O’Keeffe led an aesthetic life of precise and specific preferences that informed her daily life as well as her artistic practice. She was discriminating about the views that became the subject of her artwork, as well as the materials and tools she used to create her extraordinary body of work. “O’Keeffiana: Art and Art Materials” offers a view of her artistic practice in a rich selection of artworks in various media – watercolor, charcoal, graphite, pastels, oil, and sculpture – along with a sampling of the pastels, watercolors, oil paints and brushes, she used. The exhibition will also include photographs of O’Keeffe at work and in the landscape that inspired her, and a selection of the stones and bones she collected and represented in paint and sculpture.

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